System operation

When safe connection is a must

Unicomp - Rendszerüzemeltetés

With the growth of our company comes an increasing number of installations that assist us in our work and make work processes easier and more efficient to perform - if they work as intended. But the moment a failure occurs, the installation intended to assist you can become a hassle in your life.

The majority of the breakdowns can be prevented by continuous monitoring and problems can be largely rectified by taking actions quickly. Our dedicated team offers you a comprehensive solution to any IT-related tasks.

  • work processes are more predictable

  • unexpected expenditures are avoidable

The key to success: carefully planned infrastructure

We help you decide on the most appropriate hardware and software elements from the point of setting up the workstations in the course of establishing the system. We also implement your individual needs. We deliver logical solutions supported by a monitoring and maintenance plan.


Trouble-free operation is not just a dream

Watchful eyes keep watching from the distance. Our staff keep an eye on system operation hence critical events (overload, expiring software licenses, data storage space getting full, IP range exhaustion) can be spotted and reported in advance.

Are you looking for an efficient partner? Google Apps for companies

Are you ready to work in the framework of cloud-based services in a more convenient way? We, as an appointed retailer of Google Apps, also help you with that.

More than a bodyguard

Our remote diagnostic services allow us to monitor from a remote location the stability of the running services as well as hardware parameters available for monitoring (temperature, capacity, general load, CPU resources, memory, disk drive status). The knowledgeable engineers of our service facility help our contractual customers around the clock.

  • quick response
  • remote control possibility

  • professional and invisible troubleshooting

You can rely on us - We assume responsibility

We look at demands as challenges, not as problems. We strive to deliver the best solution considering as many factors as we possibly can. We deliver at high level under any circumstances in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management standard.

You can also outsource your operational needs to us, meaning that you only have to define the task, and we provide the equipment and operations required for the solution.

How do we help you?


  • Design and optimisation of IT infrastructure
  • Operation of servers running on Windows and Linux

  • Cloud-based services (for Google Apps companies)

  • running internal data bases, IT and mail systems

  • network monitoring

  • system integration

  • regular backups

  • answering questions about computers and software, consultancy

  • virus check, virus removal

  • scheduled update of operating systems and software