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Technological development and the changing needs of the customer create a changing environment and companies need continuous development to adapt to this. We have recognised our ability to help operate a broad range of areas by relying on the know-how of our specialists.

Our R&D team comes up with innovative solutions that often link various fields and offer the users services that pay off in terms of both environmental and business aspects.

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Unicomp Research


WSN product development and WSN-based solutions

Our company has been at the forefront of research and development in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSN) for years and created a number of useful products and solutions as result. This new technology offers a solution to problems which would otherwise be impossible to resolve or resolution would entail significant costs. What we offer:

  • development and manufacture of state-of-the-art and reliable wireless equipment, sensors and expansion cards
  • complex wireless monitoring and controlling systems

Development of GPU-based image processing system

Image processing using graphics processing units (GPU) is another large development area of ours. The enormous development of graphics processing units (GPU) allows us to be more cost effective and quicker in resolving image processing tasks occurring in production and manufacturing plants than using conventional CPU-based systems.


Knowledge is cohesion - get involved!


Our company has gained experience in several technologies and industries in relation to various R&D projects. We often work in cooperation with educational institutions, innovation centres and other research companies during our R&D activities. This enables us to provide our customers with innovative solutions that are best suited to satisfy both theoretical and practical aspects.


Major branches:

  • agro-informatics
  • industrial automation
  • intelligent energy