InclinoNet - to prevent accidents

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of news reports about moving loess and embankments causing dangerous situations or even accidents, or you might also think of the outburst of the red mud pond occurring due to similar impacts. Monitoring these facilities is not a simple task as they are extensively large, uninhabited or lie on the boundary of residential areas, and geodetic measurements confirm the suspected movements.


Unicomp InclinoNet - a balesetek megelőzéséért

Our system is not supposed to completely do away with geodetic measurements, but it enables continuous control at a resolution of anything up to a few hundred metres, and all this with a low budget.

Therefore, the goal of the InclinoNet (Inclinometer Network) project is to develop a software-hardware system that is suitable for monitoring the movements of larger area, particularly banks, embankments and loess, and detecting slow and swift processes with wireless sensor network technology.

Our project product can deliver a very efficient device for property and life protection systems that is capable of acquiring data on the field, and transferring and visualising such data.


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Unicomp InclinoNet - a balesetek megelőzéséért