About us

Information technology can be humane - let us show you how!


Today, each and every business, production and control process is carried out via computer networks. Communication, data recording, processing and transfer would be impossible without having adequately installed and reliably operating computer networks.


Computer-controlled processes ensure precision and high efficiency in all areas, however, many people still feel computer world to be somewhat strange.

We are doing our best in our activities to show our customers that information technology can be humane.

With our innovative solutions, we aim at helping more and more industries develop and creating a more sustainable world as a result of joint efforts.

Many work processes can be made easier, faster and more efficient if, thinking together with the customer, we produce carefully designed and personalised solutions.



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Levente Dóra
Sebestyén Dóra


Our company, a family venture running through generations, is established specialising in information technology.


We deliver solutions to public institutions, financial institutions and companies for information technology systems and telecommunication equipment of high reliability – company form changes to limited liability company in 1992.


We are certified according to ISO 9001 and have been using and improving it to date.


We achieve success in various tenders for innovation. We were among the first on the Hungarian market to use WSN (Wireless Network) technology.


We currently employ 50 people on 4 sites. We operate printer fleets and information technology systems, build IT-networks and attach great importance to our innovation efforts.